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In a Nutshell Consulting

In a nutshell lexington maIn a nutshell lexington ma

Introduction Rebecca Moore, founder of In a Nutshell Consulting, is dedicated to empowering smart women with business ideas to create meaningful and fruitful livelihoods on their own terms. A successful entrepreneur in her own right, Rebecca is committed to the success of her clients. She is a resident of Lexington, Massachusetts and board member of […]

Connect2 – From Crisis to Calm

Debra A. Woog In times of crisis or calm, Debra guides women to align their leadership choices and communications with their Brilliance and Unique Definitions of Success. As a result, they transform from overwhelmed to confident in their difficult situations. Debra A. Woog (pronounced like “Vogue” magazine) originally created Connect2 Corporation to coach women professionals. She […]

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