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“Will I ever have what I want? (And what do I want, anyway?)”

Sure, you ask yourself that every day — but let’s face it, you kind of do know what you want. You just don’t think you can have it. Or you’re afraid to make  the changes you’d have to make in order to get it.

How’m I doing so far?

Maybe you’ve tried a bunch of online programs and Facebook groups, you’ve got shelves full of self help books, you work with the Law of Attraction but nothing really seems to stick. You always end up back in the same headspace.

If that’s you, I’ve got you.

In one reading, I’ll uncover all kinds of memories and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. (If you’re open, I’ll describe scenes from your childhood in exact detail that makes your jaw drop.)

If we keep working together, you’ll start noticing what excites you, get clear about what you want, and discover exactly what you have to do to get it. 

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Jodi Crowley

Jodi Crowley

I’m Jodi Crowley, lifestyle blogger and Realtor at Lamacchia Realty. I live and work North of Boston and love everything this beautiful area has to offer. If you live North of Boston or are thinking about moving here, you have come to the right place! Stay up to date with North of Boston Events, Restaurants, Outdoors, Real Estate and more!


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