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multi generational family north of boston

Buying a house with extended family North of Boston

Are you thinking of buying a house with extended family North of Boston? Whether you need an extra hang out space for your teens or you are looking to integrate a favorite aunt or parent into your existing household, these homes offer the extra space you need!

Sometimes you just need an extra bedroom, other times you need a separate space for relaxing. Your family may need a second kitchenette area connected to a second, comfortable living room. Every family is different and integrating all of the unique personalities into one household can be challenging without a little space for some breathing room!

Purchasing a Home with Extended Family: A Comprehensive Guide

Why Buy with Extended Family?

  • Financial Benefits: Sharing the cost of a mortgage, taxes, and maintenance can make homeownership more accessible.
  • Shared Responsibilities: Household chores, upkeep, and even childcare can be divided among family members.
  • Close-knit Support System: Living with family can provide emotional and physical support, especially for elderly members or those with health issues.

Considerations Before Buying:

  • Legal Structure: Decide if the property will be owned as ‘tenants in common’ (each party owns a specified share) or ‘joint tenants’ (everyone owns the property equally).
  • Financial Commitments: Understand each party’s contribution towards the down payment, mortgage, and other ongoing costs.
  • Privacy: With more family members, there’s a need for clear boundaries. Consider properties that offer separate units or distinct living areas.
  • Exit Strategy: What happens if someone wants to move out? Have a plan.

Steps to Purchase:

  1. Set a Budget: Understand what everyone can afford. This includes the mortgage, maintenance, insurance, and taxes.
  2. List Preferences: Determine essential criteria for the home. Think about size, location, amenities, and accessibility.
  3. Engage Professionals: Work with a realtor familiar with multi-generational home purchases. Consider consulting a financial planner or lawyer too.
  4. Visit Properties: Look for homes that meet the family’s needs and wishes.
  5. Secure Financing: Shop around for the best mortgage rates and terms. Ensure everyone’s credit history is in good standing.
  6. Make an Offer: Once you find the right home, make a competitive offer.
  7. Closing: Ensure all legal documents reflect the ownership structure agreed upon.

Draft a Co-ownership Agreement: A legal agreement outlining:

  1. The ownership percentage of each party.
  2. How expenses will be divided.
  3. Provisions for what happens if someone wants to sell their share or if a family member passes away.
  4. Conflict resolution methods.

Benefits and Challenges:

  • Pros: Shared financial burden, emotional support, stronger family ties, pooled resources.
  • Cons: Potential conflicts, shared responsibilities, less privacy, complex exit strategy.


Final Thoughts: Purchasing a home with extended family can be a rewarding experience, both financially and emotionally. However, open communication, clear expectations, and legal safeguards are crucial to ensure harmony and prevent potential disputes. Happy house hunting!

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