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Complete Neighborhood Guide to Wilmington, MA: Explore Amenities, Real Estate, and Local Attractions

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Living In Wilmington, MA

If you’re considering making Wilmington, Massachusetts, your home, you’re in for a treat. Just 15 miles north of Boston, Wilmington offers a blend of history, green spaces, and a tight-knit community. Let’s explore what makes living in Wilmington special: 

  • Community Feel: Wilmington boasts a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Neighbors know each other, and community events bring people together. Whether it’s the annual Fourth of July parade or local fundraisers, there’s a strong sense of belonging. 
  • Access to Nature: Wilmington offers plenty of green spaces. Silver Lake, Yentile Farm Recreational Facility, and the Middlesex Canal are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Take a leisurely stroll, have a picnic, or enjoy the scenic beauty. 
  • Proximity to Boston: While Wilmington provides a serene escape, it’s just a short drive from Boston. Commuters appreciate the convenience of living close to the city while enjoying suburban comforts. 
  • Excellent Schools: Families with children benefit from Wilmington’s above-average public schools. Education is a priority, and the community actively supports its schools. 
  • Safety and Low Crime Rates: Wilmington ranks well in terms of safety. Residents feel secure, and crime rates are notably low. 
  • Local Businesses and Dining: Explore the town center, where you’ll find local shops, restaurants, and cafes. Grab a coffee at one of the cozy spots or dine at family-owned eateries. 
  • Close-Knit Community Events: From farmers’ markets to holiday celebrations, Wilmington hosts various community events. It’s easy to connect with neighbors and make lasting friendships. 
  • Access to Major Highways: Wilmington’s location near major highways (such as I-93 and I-95) makes it convenient for travel within Massachusetts and beyond. 

In summary, Wilmington offers a peaceful lifestyle, historical charm, and a strong sense of community. If you’re seeking a place where you can enjoy both suburban tranquility and city amenities, Wilmington might be the perfect fit. 


Disclaimer: As a realtor, I encourage you to explore Wilmington firsthand. Visit local open houses, talk to residents, and experience the community for yourself. If you’re interested in Wilmington real estate, feel free to reach out! 

Wilmington MA Transportation

Let’s explore the public transportation options available in Wilmington, Massachusetts

  • Commuter Rail (Train)
    • The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) operates a commuter rail that connects Wilmington to Boston and other nearby towns. 
    • The Haverhill Line and Lowell Line serve Wilmington. 
    • Trains run hourly from North Station in Boston to Wilmington. 
    • This is a convenient option for commuters working in Boston or neighboring cities

Remember to check the most up-to-date schedules and routes, as they may change over time. Public transportation provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to travel within and around Wilmington. 

Wilmington MA WEATHER

If you’re considering buying a house in Wilmington, Massachusetts, understanding the annual weather patterns is essential. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Seasonal Variation
    • Summer (June to August): Warm and pleasant. Average high temperatures range from 73°F to 82°F. It’s an ideal time for outdoor activities and enjoying the local parks and lakes. 
    • Fall (September to November): Crisp and colorful. Expect temperatures between 45°F and 73°F. The foliage is stunning, making it a picturesque season. 
    • Winter (December to February): Cold and snowy. Average highs are below 45°F, and lows can dip to 20°F. Be prepared for snowfall and icy conditions. 
    • Spring (March to May): Cool and refreshing. Temperatures gradually rise from 45°F to 64°F. Spring blooms and longer daylight hours create a lovely atmosphere. 
  • Precipitation
    • Wilmington experiences moderate rainfall throughout the year. 
    • Summers are relatively drier, while winters see more snowfall. 
    • Be ready for occasional rain showers and thunderstorms. 


Wilmington, Massachusetts, is a vibrant community located 15 miles north of Boston. As of the 2020 Census, the town’s population stands at 23,349 residents1 3. Here are some key demographic details: 

  • Age Distribution
    • 5.9% of the population is under 5 years old. 
    • 22.0% are under 18 years old. 
    • 15.2% are 65 years and older. 
  • Racial Composition
    • 87.3% identify as White alone. 
    • 5.2% are Asian alone. 
    • 1.8% are Black or African American alone. 
    • 5.6% belong to two or more races. 
  • Housing
    • 85.8% of housing units are owner-occupied. 
  • Education
    • 95.9% of residents aged 25 years and older are high school graduates or higher. 
    • 47.9% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. 
  • Community Engagement
    • 93.9% of residents have lived in the same house for at least a year. 
    • 9.3% speak a language other than English at home. 

Wilmington’s mix of historical charm, community involvement, and proximity to Boston makes it an attractive place to call home

Wilmington, MA PARKS

Wilmington, Massachusetts, offers a variety of parks and green spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy. Let’s explore some of the notable ones: 

Yentile Farm Recreational Facility

  • Located on Cross Street, Yentile Farm is a popular recreational spot. 
  • It features walking trails, open fields, and a playground. 
  • Families often gather here for picnics and outdoor activities.


Wilmington Dog Park

  • Situated at 823 Main Street, the Wilmington Dog Park is a dedicated space for our furry friends. 
  • Dogs can socialize off-leash in a safe environment. 
  • It’s a favorite spot for dog owners to meet and let their pets play. 


Community Events and Celebrations

  • Wilmington hosts seasonal events in its parks, such as summer concerts, farmers’ markets, and holiday festivities. 
  • These gatherings strengthen community bonds and create memorable experiences. 
  • Whether you’re looking for a place to walk your dog, play sports, or simply enjoy nature, Wilmington’s parks and greenspaces offer something for everyone

Wilmington, MA Schools

Wilmington Public Schools in Massachusetts offer a strong educational foundation for students. The district comprises a high school, a middle school, two intermediate schools, two elementary schools, and two early childhood centers. Wilmington prioritizes academic excellence, community involvement, and student safety. With innovative programs, parent engagement, and a focus on college and career readiness, Wilmington schools provide a well-rounded education. Families appreciate the district’s commitment to student success.  If you’re considering making Wilmington your home, rest assured that the schools play a vital role in fostering a vibrant and supportive community. 

Wilmington Public Schools in Massachusetts offer a strong educational foundation for students. Wilmington Public Schools include a high school, a middle school, two intermediate schools, two elementary schools, and two early childhood centers

Let’s explore some key aspects: 

  • Academic Excellence
    • Wilmington schools prioritize academic achievement. 
    • The district consistently strives for excellence, with dedicated teachers and staff. 
  • Community Involvement
    • The community actively supports its schools. 
    • Parents, guardians, and local organizations collaborate to enhance the learning environment. 
  • Safety and Well-Being
    • Wilmington schools prioritize student safety. 
    • Low crime rates contribute to a secure learning environment. 
  • Innovative Programs
    • The district offers a variety of programs, including arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. 
    • Students have opportunities to explore their interests and talents. 
  • Student Support Services
    • The district provides resources for students with diverse needs. 
    • Special education services, counseling, and academic support are available. 
  • Community Events and Celebrations
    • Wilmington schools organize events, performances, and celebrations. 
    • These foster a sense of community and pride. 

In summary, Wilmington’s schools offer a well-rounded education, emphasizing academics, safety, and community involvement. Families appreciate the district’s commitment to student success. 


Disclaimer: For detailed information and enrollment procedures, please visit the [Wilmington Public Schools website](

Wilmington, MA Real Estate

Let’s take a look at the average home prices in Wilmington, Massachusetts

  • reports that in January 2024, the median listing home price in Wilmington was $719.9K, trending up 9.9% year-over-year. The median listing home price per square foot was $352, and the median home sold price was $710K

In summary, Wilmington’s real estate market has seen significant growth, making it an attractive area for homebuyers. Keep in mind that these figures can vary based on specific neighborhoods, property types, and market conditions. If you’re considering buying a house in Wilmington, it’s advisable to consult with a local real estate agent for more detailed information. 

Take a look at the current homes for sale in Wilmington, Massachusetts:

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