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Lexington, Massachusetts

Lexington, MA


Moving to Lexington, Massachusetts: A Blend of Historic Charm and Modern Living

Moving to a new town or city is always a momentous decision, and Lexington, Massachusetts, with its storied past and vibrant present, is a destination that offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Nestled just 11 miles northwest of Boston, Lexington is a gem of a town that seamlessly marries its Revolutionary War history with the comforts and amenities of contemporary suburban living.

A Glimpse into America’s Past

Lexington is best known for the Battle of Lexington, one of the first engagements between British and American soldiers in the Revolutionary War. The iconic Lexington Green, where the battle occurred, is beautifully preserved and serves as a reminder of the town’s pivotal role in American history. The town is dotted with historic homes, monuments, and museums, making it a dream come true for history buffs.

Education Excellence

For families considering the move, it’s hard to overlook Lexington’s sterling reputation for educational excellence. The public schools are consistently ranked among the top in the state, known not just for academic rigor but also for comprehensive programs in the arts, music, and sports. This commitment to holistic education creates a nurturing environment for young minds to flourish.

Lexington’s School District is highly ranked. They have a dynamic Community Education Program and a vibrant parent volunteer organization, LexFun!

Modern Amenities and Recreation

Beyond its historic attractions, Lexington boasts a plethora of modern amenities. The town center is lined with unique shops, diverse dining establishments, and quaint coffee shops, making it a lively spot for residents. For those seeking outdoor recreation, Lexington has numerous parks, conservation lands, and walking trails, including portions of the Minuteman Bikeway – a favorite among cyclists.

Lexington is a wonderful place to call home. You will love it’s gorgeous downtown, thriving artistic community, excellent schools,  beautiful Cary Library and plenty of activities for children at the JW Hayden Recreation Center.

A Close-knit Community

One of the undeniable charms of Lexington is its strong sense of community. From farmers’ markets to summer concerts on the green, the town frequently hosts events that bring neighbors together. Organizations and clubs cater to a wide range of interests, ensuring that newcomers can quickly feel connected and engaged.

Housing and Connectivity

Lexington’s real estate landscape is diverse, ranging from historic colonials to modern condos. While the housing market can be competitive, reflecting the town’s desirability, the investment promises a serene living environment and robust property values. Plus, its proximity to Boston makes it an ideal location for those who want the tranquility of suburbia without sacrificing the conveniences of a major city.

In Conclusion

Moving to Lexington, Massachusetts, offers an opportunity to become part of a community that values its rich heritage while enthusiastically embracing the present. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an academic, a nature lover, or someone simply seeking a friendly town with a strong sense of identity, Lexington might just be the next place you’re proud to call home.


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In a Nutshell Consulting was founded by Lexington resident, Rebecca Moore. Rebecca strives to assist women in their 40’s and 50’s who are thinking of launching a new initiative or have launched and need some help re-focusing efforts or identifying priority needs and resources. Rebecca has the experience to help you take your idea or business to the next level. Her clients are both in New England and international.


Finehive was founded by Lexington resident, Sumeit Aggarwal. Sumeit enjoys helping communities and small business owners learn the joys of investing, financial health and budgeting.

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Lexington Massachusetts Population 34,454 – 2020 Census

Demographics - Lexington, Massachusetts

White alone 63.8%
Black or African American alone 1.3%
American Indian or Alaska Native alone 0.2%
Asia alone 30.1%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 0.0%
Two or more races 3.7%
Hispanic or Latino 2.1%
White, not Hispanic or Latino 62.7%

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