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Real Estate Market Updates North of Boston

Public Library Woburn Massachusetts

**Decoding Real Estate Market Reports: The Importance of Sold Data, Current Listings, and Open Houses** When navigating the ever-changing tides of the real estate market, having a reliable compass is vital. That’s where comprehensive real estate market reports come in, serving as a guide for buyers, sellers, and investors alike. These reports are typically packed […]

Top Power Washing Companies Serving the North Boston Area

power washing north of boston

Introduction Looking for a quality power washing company? As a realtor helping homeowners get their properties in tiptop shape, I’m often asked to recommend good power washing services. A professional power wash can work wonders in refreshing your home’s exterior and raising curb appeal. Benefits of Power Washing Enhanced Curb Appeal: A power-washed home instantly […]

Growing Family

Expanding Your Nest: Key Factors to Consider When Upsizing Your Home for a Growing Family The patter of little feet getting louder and more numerous? As your family grows, your living space needs to evolve too. Finding the right home to accommodate not just the size but also the complexity of an expanding family is […]

Jodi Crowley, REALTOR Reviews

jodi crowley realtor reviews

We truly enjoyed working with Jodi Crowley on our home buying search! We found Jodi to be very knowledgeable about the real estate market. But more importantly, she helped us keep a good attitude through a tough market by always being available to talk and and answer any questions we had. Jodi’s advice on how […]

Buying a house with extended family North of Boston

multi generational family north of boston

Are you thinking of buying a house with extended family North of Boston? Whether you need an extra hang out space for your teens or you are looking to integrate a favorite aunt or parent into your existing household, these homes offer the extra space you need! Sometimes you just need an extra bedroom, other […]

The Art of Downsizing: Exploring the Benefits of Smaller Home Styles

Cape style home

Introduction We are excited about exploring the benefits of smaller home styles. In a world where “bigger is better” often prevails, the idea of downsizing your home might seem counterintuitive. However, for many, the benefits of transitioning to a smaller home are numerous, making it an attractive option for those looking to simplify their lives […]