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Secret Stash Sweets – Sea Salt Caramels – Best Candy Store Winner List North of Boston


Selected as one of North of Boston’s favorite candy stores, Secret Stash Sweets sells small batch, artisanal caramels made with the finest ingredients and loads of love. DM or email for orders. Irresistible, delectable and stashable.

Secret Stash Sweets started as a caramel company. Suzanne decided to do sea salt caramels, which had always been a passion for her. And she landed on the caramels because there was a cute little boy that she used to babysit named Luca who loved her caramels. Only he called them “Tarmels”. She also makes seasonal options including coconut toasted caramels, gingerbread caramels at Christmas and Hibiscus caramels – a sea salt caramel sprinkled with some nice dried hibiscus

She also has a few seasonal products that she gets inspired by, like what everybody else does, Pinterest, YouTube, all the fun channels. One of the biggest products for the snow season has been a hot chocolate bomb. They also have for the upcoming season until the snow melts is a smash snowball. You take the snowball and slam it against a safe surface and there’s candy on the inside. That’s a lot of fun for the kids!

The line for sauces will come out more strongly during the summer. She’ll make some ice cream toppers with those, because of course it’s perfect for the ice cream season!

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