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One of our favorite artists in Medford, MA, Christina Chang is a native of Boston who received a BFA in Painting from Texas Christian University and a MAT from Rhode Island School of Design. Chang has traveled to many places to pursue her practice, including Florence, Italy. She has worked as an art educator for many years, in both public and private schools, teaching for both children and adults. Chang is currently working on a series of abstract paintings that use saturated colors to convey strong emotions.

Learn more about Christina Chang, one of our favorite artists in Medford Ma:

1. Tell us a little bit about you. How did you discover your passion for painting?

I am blessed to have grown up in an artistic family. My great uncle was a fashion designer in Manhattan, my mother is an interior designer and artist, my father is an architect and my older brother is an actor- so creativity was all around us. It was normal to talk about designs at the dinner table and debate which color should go on the wall. 

In middle school, I was visiting my great uncle’s apartment and my mom found me studying his fashion drawings from his time at Vesper George College in Boston and she asked me if I wanted to take private art lessons. I happily answered “YES” and after that I started to find my passion and get serious about pursuing art.

2. What is your connection to communities North of Boston?

I grew up in Arlington and went all through public school there. I moved to Medford 15 years ago after living in Texas and Rhode Island. I am an art educator at Burlington High School and have taught there for many years!

I love this area because of the proximity to Boston and I’m able to visit so many great spots in the New England area. I love the beach so being close to the water is a huge bonus!

3. What are the 3 most important things you want the North of Boston audience to know about you as an artist?

As an abstract artist and landscape painter I don’t have to look far to find inspiration. Beauty is all around us in this area. I love going for a hike in The Fells, a walk at Horn Pond and then a drive to Crane’s beach. There is so much beauty in the changing seasons. I really find inspiration everywhere. 

I love working with clients to find the perfect work of art for their home. Whether it be a large piece for a living room or a smaller work for a bookcase, adding a one of a kind work of art makes a home special. I grew up with a Paul Klee print in my living room as a child and he is still my favorite artist. 

I also offer custom commissions for clients. If you have a particular size, color scheme that you know that you want, it is fun to work together to get just the right painting! I also work with small businesses in the area to bring art to offices, restaurants and public spaces. I am always looking for collaborations! Reach out if you have an idea!

  1. What is the range of work you enjoy creating and sharing with your clients?

I offer a broad range of abstract paintings and landscapes mostly of the New England area. I have a variety of price points and offer prints as well as original paintings. 

I also understand the challenge of wondering if a piece that you see online will fit the space or room that you are thinking of as the permanent home for the art. I am happy to bring art to your home to try out before purchasing. I love sharing my work and want to help clients fall in love with a work of art and enjoy it for a lifetime.

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