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Vinson-Owen Elementary School, Winchester, MA


Recognized as a Blue Ribbon School, Vinson Owen Elementary School is a neighborhood school for grades K-5 located in Winchester, Massachusetts.

The Vinson-Owen school is known for its commitment to community service and excellence.

VO is a Blue Ribbon award winning school. It was always a top notch school but now with its brand new beautiful structure and state of the art classrooms, the combined ingredients of having superior teachers and administration and remarkable mcas scores make this elementary school undoubtedly one of the best in the state. And if that were not enough the atmosphere is one of inclusion where staff and students through mutual respect and encouragement make learning and attending this school a pleasure..


Vinson-Owen Parent Association

The Vinson-Owen Parent Association supports important initiatives including:

Before and After School Enrichment (BASE) programs – BASE programs are creative and enriching extra-curricular classes led by V-O’s talented teachers.

  • Drama Club
  • Green Committee
  • Health and Safety
  • MakerSpace – The V-O MakerSpace is a room where students can use materials to create and learn freely.
  • Science Park – V-O Science Park is 7.5 acres of land with unique feature such as protected wetlands (the Green Turtle Trail) and the upper dry lands (the Red Bird Trail).

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