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Woburn Photography – Gerry Kehoe

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Woburn Photography – Gerry Kehoe Biography

Innitou Photo is located in Woburn, MA on the shores of Lake Innitou.  Commonly known as Horn Pond, Innitou is the Native American name for the lake and means “Mirror of the Spirit” in Algonquin.  It offers an abundance of beautiful nature photography opportunities and is accessible in the winter and so is enjoyed year-round by thousands of walkers, bicyclists, runners and other outdoor enthusiasts. 

I was born and raised here in Woburn and have lived for 50 years on the shores of this lake with my extended family.  I am a self-taught naturalist and an award-winning Nature Photographer.  Along with my fine photos of Horn Pond and other Woburn Conservation Areas, I also offer photos of Historic Landmarks in Woburn as well as photos taken on my travels to other states in this wonderful country of ours and also in Ireland. I also do Architectural Photography, including Real Estate and Insurance Photography under Innitou Photo II

I have been a member of the Woburn Guild of Artists for many years and currently chair their Scholarship Committee.  I am also involved in W.R.E.N. (Woburn Residents Environmental Network) and in the Middlesex County 4H programs. 

I have taught photography in Woburn’s Adult Education program for two years and in Medford for a year and I offer Private and small group photography classes, with fieldwork, based around Horn Pond and the surrounding Conservation Area.

Fine Art site 

Horn Pond site

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Architectural/Real Estate Photography

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